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October 24, 2023

Video toolkits – everything you need to create slick, on-brand videos in-house

Dan Simmonds
Senior Motion Graphics Designer
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How video toolkits can boost your marketing

The effectiveness of video marketing is on the rise. According to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey 2023– 92% of marketers reported a positive ROI from video content.

So creating videos that are consistent with your brand and look professional is very important for marketers. But, without your own in-house production team, this can prove challenging – and expensive.

Why choose Video Toolkits?

Usually businesses choose to outsource video editing – bringing in the big guns (like the P+S Video and Motion Graphics team) to craft something on-brief and on-budget, before smashing it into the stratosphere.

However, we understand that sometimes you just want to do it yourself, whether it’s a quick interview-style vid, a vlog, or a simple success story. So, how do you make it look consistent with the rest of your brand, without breaking the bank?

P+S Video Toolkits for in-house marketing teams

Fully customised to your brand (or sub-brand) specification, our Video Toolkits are the easiest way to produce brilliant content on a tight deadline or budget. Not only will your content look great, but you’ll also significantly reduce the cost of producing further content.

The toolkit includes a variety of custom-made assets, each designed to suit the type of content you’re producing. So whether it’s interviews, self-shot ‘talking to camera’ vids, or even event and webinar footage, you can use the toolkit with minimal knowledge of Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro to insert and customise your brand elements.

What goes into our Video Toolkits? So glad you asked

But it’s probably better to show than tell, right?

In the following short videos, we’ve broken down the elements that can be included in the toolkit package. This example was produced for Thrio – one of our fantastic clients – using their brand colours, fonts and adhering to their motion guidelines.

Not all of the assets featured may be required in your toolkit, and equally this isn’t the extent of what we can produce for you – it’s all dependent on the style/purpose of video content you’re likely to need in the future. We’ll make something bespoke and fit for purpose.

Logo sting for intro and transition

Custom-made animation of your logo for the start of your video.

Lower-third caption

An easily updated lower-third caption that can feature speaker name, job title and company name.

Divider screen title

Custom-made title slide animation with easily editable text and optional imagery.


Perfectly legible subtitles in your brand font, ready for editing. You’ll also notice the ‘bug’ in the top right of this example – a semi-transparent logo overlay that features in the top corner of your video.

Quote screen

Have a question, quote or fact worth highlighting? Showing it on screen will really anchor it in the viewer’s mind.

Social links

A custom scene for just before the end of the video that features your social handles for quick reference.

Transition and logo sting outro

Custom-made animation of your logo to feature at the end of your video.

So, how does this all look together? Here are a few example toolkits for you to check out:

Whatever story you want to tell, we’ll help you share it with the world, on-brand and within budget. Talk to Proctors today.