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3D, CGI and AR

Taking design to another dimension with 3D graphics, CGI videography, and AR experiences.

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Our design and motion graphics team are pioneers of the 3D craft, helping us to make the impossible possible for our clients.  

With a fully equipped studio, we can create CGI shots that would send real-world budgets shooting skywards, and engineer AR experiences that add a level of interactivity 2D visuals simply wouldn’t allow. Whatever you’re imagining, we can make it happen.  

Crafting new realities

From stand-out digital experiences and campaign videos to 3D imagery that sets your advertising apart from the competition, we can bring your vision to life.  

Why not elevate your next case study beyond the written word by creating a virtual mock-up? Your prospects can explore a 3D product model, complete with annotations and interactive pop-ups to guide them, for a truly immersive story of how you transform your clients’ businesses.

Or, if you’re launching a new product to market, place it in your customers hands – without them ever leaving their seat. They can explore, engage with and experience your product before they buy.

Sound expensive? It doesn’t need to be.

We use open-source software to ensure your budget is focused on the creation of your experience – not expensive, ever-changing service agreements. Plus, any virtual artistry can be accessed on almost all devices and integrated into your existing digital services.

Above all, we’ll explore what makes your customers curious, and find new ways to create, optimise, and deploy technology that commands their attention.

Our 3D, CGI and AR services:

  • Modelling, texturing, animating and rendering
  • Simulation design
  • Photo-realistic product renders and concept art
  • Motion design
  • Compositing and post-production
  • VFX
  • UX and UI-centered design
  • Web AR and inline interactive online 3D models
  • Cross platform compatibility
  • Hosting or self-hosting options
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