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Brand Identity

Your brand identity goes way beyond the surface of your business.

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For the past four decades, we’ve been creating identities for brands that don’t just look and sound fantastic – they work hard in every medium to put you one step ahead of your competitors.

Our brand identity services go beyond your logo and colour palette. They’re Inspired and informed by your brand strategy and positioning. They’re applied to every instance, every application, every aspect of your business to give you three key characteristics – collaboration, clarity and consistency.


People buy into brands when they feel part of the creative process. We’ll work closely with your team through a series of development workshops, giving your people the opportunity to input. So, at the end of the process you’ll have brand champions across your organisation, and a brand they can be proud of.


We aim to cut through the noise of your market with clear, easy-to-understand messaging. The key is to simplify your brand and showcase your authentic identity. People engage with brands they understand. So, we’ll cross out the complexities and rewrite your brand story to be clear, honest and decisive.


A consistent brand identity achieves two things for you – recognition and trust. In today’s digital world, your brand is ‘always on’ – a 24/7, constantly accessible representation of your business.  

So whenever and wherever people encounter your identity, it needs to communicate the same core messages and values, within the same visual parameters, to achieve a level of recognition that helps your audiences understand what you’re offering and what makes you different.

Our brand identity services:

  • Brand proposition and messaging  
  • Visual identity design
  • Unique brand values development
  • Logo development
  • Comprehensive brand guidelines
  • Digital brand guidelines
  • Tone of voice
  • Art direction
  • Brand film, video and animation
  • Environmental branding
  • Internal and external launch programmes
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