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Data Reporting

Don’t underestimate the power of digital insights using data reporting.

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Data provides the hook for every successful marketing strategy. Dive into your spreadsheets and databases for long enough, and you may well discover hidden opportunities for growth and success.

In fact, every aspect of a modern business can be improved or driven forward by a data-led approach. But understanding how to access and interpret your data is a skill that’s often overlooked. By translating your data into an actionable story, your business can gain a true competitive advantage.

Our strategists and data analysts have helped countless businesses discover these hidden opportunities – and capitalise on them. From realigning struggling campaigns to get them back on track, to creating new routes to market from the insights we uncover.

We’ll help you understand your data and how to read it, but we can also help you explore ways to configure existing systems to reveal those insights for you.  

Our data reporting services:  

  • Custom dashboard builds
  • Data visualisation services
  • Analytics (Google Analytics, GA4, Console, AI, Adobe Analytics) configuration, setup and auditing
  • Paid advertising reporting
  • ROI reporting  
  • Weekly, monthly or quarterly reporting and analysis
  • Data-driven, actionable insight and recommendations

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