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Epson is known globally for its best-in-class printers and its commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its solutions.

But it’s also a specialist when it comes to innovative office printing technology. The team needed a strategic and powerful B2B brand campaign to share the benefits of Heat-Free printing technology.


Reducing environmental impact is a huge, global challenge that we all share. Every person and, in the context of this campaign, every company will be thinking about how we can change our behaviour. But the size of the problem doesn’t necessarily need a solution to match. In fact, it’s often the small, individual actions we can all take that add up to significant cumulative impact.

Unlike their laser counterparts, Epson’s printers don’t require any heat in the ink ejection process, so they consume far less energy – delivering the holy grail of printing: improved performance, increased productivity AND reduced environmental impact. And that was the main objective driving our campaign. The overarching message? Switch to Heat-Free printing technology.

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A critical audience for us was also the IT reseller network. So our strategy reached out directly to them, both with promotional material advocating the benefits of Heat-Free printing technology and online and offline materials they could use in their own marketing, creating a push-and-pull effect.

The video starring a professional skater carving out our key campaign message in beautiful ice forms was focused around the concept of ‘cold’, representing the antithesis of the heat usually required by printing technology.  

This video and photographic footage became the bedrock of our visuals, allowing us to draw emotive, evocative comparisons between the technology and its eco-credentials.

The second arm of the creative strategy was based around the innovative benefits of Epson’s Heat-Free printing technology, promoting the main campaign narrative and making it real to business through specific commercial advantages. With such a rich toolkit of resources to draw on, we matched our different audiences to the media and messaging.

We’re delighted to say that the campaign and its assets exceeded all performance targets and metrics, helping us make the Heat-Free story famous and (hopefully) driving the behavioural change the planet so badly needs.

But the other impactful headline from the campaign was that we contributed 10% year-on-year growth in sales volumes for the business unit.  

The agency is great to work with, they have gone from strength to strength in the support they give us. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking for an agency as an extension to your team.
Laura Maxwell
Senior Marketing Associate

year-on-year growth in sales volumes for the business unit