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October 24, 2023

A new era begins at Proctor + Stevenson

Angel Broom
Marketing Executive
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Times are changing at Proctor + Stevenson

It’s not usually the done thing to begin a story with a happy ending. But that’s exactly what’s happening here at Proctor + Stevenson, as we say a sad, but eternally grateful, farewell to our retiring founder and leader of over four decades, Roger Proctor.

Having established the business in 1979, Roger has built the strongest of foundations for the next chapter in the agency’s future, along with a philanthropic legacy that will last a lifetime. From humble beginnings in a bedsit in Clifton, Roger oversaw the development of a business that now has clients around the world, and an internal team that ticks every ‘full-service’ box possible.

Stepping into those sizeable shoes is a new ownership team, consisting entirely of existing directors, that recently completed a management buyout (MBO). With almost a century (cumulatively!) of experience at P+S, the team knows the business inside out and has ambitious plans for its continued and growing success.

Meet our new owners 

Collectively, our new board spans every department within the business. Their collaboration with each other and members of the wider P+S team will prove invaluable following this change. So, without further ado, let's meet them, shall we?

Ailsa Billington 

Ailsa joined P+S in 1989 as a designer. Back then, Proctors was a very different company with only a handful of employees. This meant the people who worked here at the time had to expand their skillset to cover every marketing discipline.

This way of working introduced Ailsa to the world of client services, where she eventually became Senior Account Director, then Client Services Director and now Managing Director.

With abundant experience when it comes to managing teams, making decisions and communicating to both clients and the company alike, Ailsa's unique knowledge and fierce commitment to her role makes her a great person to have at the helm.

Dan Hardaker 

Dan is our Director of Digital Design. Dan’s design experience spans many years, the last 11 of which he has spent at Proctor + Stevenson. His specialisms lie in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design.

His innovative approach, coupled with creative flair, has propelled Proctors forward in the low-code/no-code design space. His pioneering work in the area has helped us forge ahead-of-the-curve relationships with world leaders in design and marketing tech.

Nikki Hunt 

Up next is Nikki, our Finance Director. Heading towards 12 years as our Finance Director, Nikki has been fundamental in many of the operational changes the company has undergone.

Whether it’s reporting on current financial states or successfully predicting what’s to come for the business, Nikki’s work sheds light on our strategic direction and allows everyone to make informed decisions on how to proceed.

A true cornerstone of the board, Nikki’s knowledge and highly effective communication is hugely influential in the success of the group.

Phil Robinson 

Having worked at Proctors for close to two decades, our Creative Director, Phil, has worked for and with almost every client on our roster. His background in copy means he has extensive knowledge of most, if not all, of the sectors in which we operate.

This experience, and his constant awareness of what’s going on (and coming up) in the world of marketing, means he’s been able to form meaningful, long-lasting connections with clients around the world, and will have a major part to play in the future direction of the agency.

Not only does he thrive in a fast-paced creative environment, Phil is an excellent team-leader with a calm and collected approach to business which makes him an invaluable board member.

Steve King 

As Director of Technology, Steve’s responsibilities lie in defining our direction in MarTech, along with team management, client relationships and key strategic decision-making.

Having started his career at Proctors as the Head of Digital Production, Steve’s technical expertise quickly demonstrated his capabilities in a business-critical area, and the decision to promote him to the board almost 10 years ago was a natural one.

Steve’s tech-based skills, paired with his leadership and decision-making dexterity, will go a long way when it comes to co-running the business. 

What does this mean for the business? 

As we have just undergone the MBO, we are all excited to put the new leadership team’s plans into action.

Global reach 

In terms of new business growth, we’re focussing more of our efforts on expanding the company’s reach in the Middle East region and North America, where we already have a significant presence.

New services 

On top of expanding our reach geographically, we are also releasing new MarTech services. Combining cutting-edge technology with top-of-the-range creative services, we will help our clients gather insights into consumer behaviour, streamline their marketing operations and deliver high-impact campaigns.

Always listening 

In addition to these new changes, one thing will certainly remain – the board’s longstanding commitment to listening to the rest of the company.

Via a number of avenues, such as quarterly staff engagement surveys, employees are always encouraged to share their thoughts and feedback on the business. This invaluable data has assisted the board in making decisions in recent years, and will continue to do so long into the future.

It’s initiatives like this that are an integral part to the company’s success so far and make way for ground-breaking changes, demonstrated recently with the advent of the 4-day working week, electric car scheme, additional holiday, a long-service bonus, and more.

Time to aim for new heights

This is undoubtedly a big change for the company. But at Proctors, we pride ourselves in evolving and changing when it’s best for the company.

So, as we bid Roger a very fond farewell, we’re all looking forward to supporting the new board and working together to push the business to new heights.

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