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Marketing Automation

Helping you save time and reach more customers by building and developing automated workflows.

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Using software to automate your marketing activities sounds like a time-saving dream come true. And for well-managed automation tools with the right functionality, that can certainly be the case.

In these circumstances, the right software will automate the repetitive tasks your marketing team deals with on a daily basis, such as sending emails, posting to social and managing advertising campaigns. Not only does this make your marketing more efficient, but the best tools will offer a level of personalisation that would be next-to-impossible if you were carrying out these tasks manually.

Robotic content won’t help you nurture leads just because it’s being automated. From configuration and initial setup, to developing a cost-effective, personalised suite of creative that nurtures your prospects to a sales decision, we’ll help you make the most of your software.  

Our marketing automation services:  

  • Initial analysis and evaluation of current marketing activity
  • Identifying the most effective software for your needs
  • Software development
  • Software implementation – including initial lead scoring and workflow creation
  • Ongoing management
  • Marketing automation software training sessions
  • Feature audits – helping you assess if the features you’re buying are the features you need (and helping you make the most of them)  
  • Creative collateral
  • Audience segmentation and real-time personalisation
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