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The world is on a race against time to reduce carbon emissions and limit the devastating effects of climate change.

Now, there’s an eco-friendly change the nation can introduce at home, by switching out fossil-fuel powered boilers for a Daikin Altherma heat pump.


Installing a heat pump can be a costly process – significantly more so than choosing a standard boiler. So, we needed to persuade UK homeowners to take the plunge and invest in technology that’s better for the future.

But that’s not all. The second part of our challenge was the hurdle of brand awareness. As a predominantly B2B brand, Daikin, had near-zero consumer presence in the UK.

Not only did we need to educate homeowners on a new technology and convince them to invest in something much more expensive than they were used to – we needed to make them familiar with and trusting of Daikin products, too.

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Our first part of the solution was to rebrand the old installer network to something more in line with Daikin’s renewable heat mission. The Sustainable Home Network was our result, with three tiers of membership – installer, expert and centre.

Our next step was to create a multi-step, multi-platform change crusade – creating something more reminiscent of a cultural movement than an ad campaign.

Beginning with the creation of an overarching campaign messaging house which addressed all audiences including B2B, we distilled our messaging for a consumer audience, applying colour and design theory to create recognisable emblems for the campaign, backed by stunning hero imagery.

At the centre of everything was Daikin’s approach to low-carbon living, their commitment to lasting change and their range of products which met the need – we encapsulated all of it under a new sentiment: Energy for Change.

We produced every piece of collateral you can think of when it comes to a consumer campaign: from a website, campaign landing pages, brochures to pricing guides.

We even created ads for relevant national press, and included a rallying call to action throughout: kickstart your Energy for Change today, as well as designed graphics for their fleet vans and showcasing centres.

But it didn't stop there, we created a TV and radio ad broadcasting the Energy for Change message to households across the nation, and the proof of success is in the results. In the first phase of the campaign (five months), the Energy for Change website attracted more than 216,000 visitors. The campaign has also achieved 13,382 goal completions, including 1,887 requests for an installer.


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