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Forensic Risk Alliance

Forensic Risk Alliance are experts in multi-jurisdictional investigations with over 20 years of experience.

The team works with clients around the world to solve complex forensic accounting issues, from governance and compliance to international corruption and fraud.


Forensic Risk Alliance came to us to move their website from Wordpress to Webflow and add a more extensive set of functions. With Webflow, the team would be able to easily and cost-effectively update the site.

They had recently rebranded and needed a new functional, accessible website that would carry the look and feel of their new style throughout the site for a strong sense of identity.

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As there was a large quantity of content being moved over from FRA’s previous site, we needed to establish a system for migration, allowing the team to review content before uploading it to the new site.

Because of the sheer amount of news, insights, events and more, we also needed to come up with a way to organise content to ensure it was accessible and easy to find.

When it came to the new website design, we kept in mind FRA’s desire to reflect their brand update more clearly. Using their new fonts and colour schemes was one aspect of this, but we also included angled images and content blocks throughout the website, along with subtle animations that tied the design together and complemented the user journey.

In terms of the improved navigation, we created a Webflow CMS to utilise collections and a tagging system which allows the website to accurately suggest relevant additional content to users as they navigate the website. We also designed the homepage to highlight key messages and offer a shop-window view of FRA’s services.

We also created a custom navigation with tags and filters for the website’s content hub, helping users quickly and easily find the expertise they’re looking for. Alongside a new highlights section spotlighting the latest stories and a search function, the navigation helped organise the huge amount of content and create a simplified user experience.