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A confident brand for a customer service champion


Thrio is an AI-powered cloud-based CCaaS platform designed to create the very best customer service experience for businesses of all sizes.

Thrio's goal is to provide a joined-up, friction-free customer experience across a fast-changing, multichannel communications landscape, as well as ensuring streamlined, well-orchestrated processes that empower agents. They wanted to reinvigorate the brand to reflect the company’s growth. They needed a strong brand and a confident proposition and tone of voice to represent Thrio’s current and future success.


Thrio was entering a new era, marked by impressive growth. Marketing to date had been based on word of mouth and the strength of the offering.

We needed to get under the skin of the brand and get to know the team to understand Thrio’s personality and aspirations in the eyes of stakeholders, customers and prospects, as well championing the end user that would be interacting with Thrio’s customers day to day.

We gathered insight through qualitative workshops, presentations, and meetings, as well as quantitative interviews and surveys with Thrio's stakeholders. This allowed us to create customer personas that informed branding and digital design decisions.

The output of this phase of work, was a full report that set the foundations for the creative brief and brand development. Our challenge? To create bold new branding – a new look and feel, as well as a confident tone of voice that would better reflect Thrio’s personality, appeal to businesses of all sizes while prioritising the end user, and adapt to effortlessly translate complex subjects.

Finally, it all needed to come together in a new website that would help to position them as a true pioneer in the telecoms industry.

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A new visual identity was developed to give Thrio a unique presence in its sector.

It had to be bold, memorable and innovative in its approach. It needed to stand out from all competitors across every touchpoint. It also needed to instil confidence among business customers, building trust from the word go.

A clever reworking of the logo allowed us to adapt the wordmark into a neat, compact icon. This is complemented by a visual graphic system based on Venn diagrams, representing the overlapping needs of service providers, brands and customers. This acts as a container for the brand’s photographic assets.

We also refreshed the image library with ‘fly-on-the-wall’ snapshot-style photography – a departure from the sector’s typical contact centre stock imagery. Each image was selected to create intrigue and focus on a broader world of customer interaction, business integration and support – all held together by a simple three-colour palette.The result was a visual language that typifies Thrio’s positioning as the enabler of call centre technology – neither aligned to brand, customer or service provider, but the glue that unites them.

Alongside the new identity, and a new set of brand guidelines, we also created a new tone of voice for Thrio – one that would centre customers through approachable, confident language and captivate the tech world with intelligent thought-leadership.

"Proctor + Stevenson are everything a full-service agency should be. They've taken on every challenge we've thrown at them and delivered strong design, creative, and technical services. I interviewed 35 agencies as part of our search and am certain that Proctor + Stevenson were the right choice for us."
Namir Yedid
VP of Product Strategy

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